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Investing capital into community, culture, and powerful teams who can dominate markets.

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“Many have a belief that you can do good.
We believe you can do better.”

Our Approach

🔍 We look for diamonds in the rough 🔍

Customer Focused

Have you left the building? Tell us who you’ve talked to and what you learned from your customers that makes your solution a must-have.

Capital Ready

Where the traction at? Prove that you’re the best person to solve this problem and tell us why we should bet on you and your team.

Creative IP

Who are you competing with? We’re looking for teams who can adapt to market shifts and original solutions that sets you apart from the masses.

Those who say they "believe" in team only have a belief.

We use predictive team models in our due diligence and then provide those same models to our portfolio companies to design their dream team.

What we expect from our portcos

Performance Coaching

Health is wealth and it’s also a line in the budget. We call this “Founder to Executive”

Regular Updates

Build some trust with us, and we won’t chase you around.

Aim High

Some people are scared of big ideas. We’re not. We’ll help you with the logic and strategy to get there.

What you can expect from us

"The ACT team has been super helpful by providing the accountability and repetition necessary for founders to level up. The environment has been encouraging and supportive, yet challenging and fast-paced. It's all about getting 2% better every day."

Chandler Malone
Founder of Bootup

Reached $1M in revenue in 7 months

"Having a team like ACT House that understands the founder perspective and what it takes to build a team — as well as the investor perspective and what metrics need to be focused on at the early stage — made them a great addition to our cap table. They have helped connect us to schools and media opportunities that have helped increase our reach."

Edna Martinson
Co-founder of Boddle Learning

Surged to over 5M users and >1M MAU

"The team at ACT truly equipped our team to work together, build a game changing product for the retail industry and land our first corporate client."

Catalina, Andrea, and Ileana Del Risco
Co-founders of Modi

Increased conversions > 25% for 20k+ users

How our money works

We’ll always be transparent with you


Size of Fund


Average Check Sizes

Here’s how to prep for investment

ACT Team Model

The first step to an ACT investment is taking our Assessment. We’ve learned a thing or two about the value of teams and this will help us identify your leadership traits, team cohesion, and innovation mindset.

Pitch Deck + Video

Alright, let’s hear it. What’s your pitch? Send us your deck and a short video of why we should invest.

Proof of Traction

Showcase your momentum by providing proof of your traction, revenue, and what makes you a good bet.

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Meeting founders on the ground floor

We love the field because we came from the field.
We know how to play, and we play to win.

Alicia Hanf

Managing Partner, ACT Ventures

Dominick Ard’is

Chief Executive Officer

Malachi Blankenship

Managing Partner, ACT Ventures

We’re Hiring

The market is evolving faster than ever, and we’re looking for heavy hitters to join our squad. Are you in?

Show us why you’re different.

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Our Network

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Let's get this bread

Are you an outstanding human on a mission to establish a global brand? Let’s find out if ACT Ventures is the right fit for your team.

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Partner with us

We’re actively seeking limited partners who share our vision, add strategic value, and align with our belief that founders are human first.

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