Innovation Knows
No Boundaries

Legacy is born in the present

And collaborations collide, where people reside.

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Legacy is born in the present

And collaboration collides, where people resides

Innovation is a universal language,
and we're rewriting the playbook.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Having lived through some battles, we know this is true. We’ve come to learn that every team needs a good architect, creative, and techie. Our ACT Model, a proven methodology, has accelerated teams to innovate and create.
The ACT Model. Architect, Creative and Techie.



Raising Equity
by Taking None

Targeting the equity gap of Black and Latino founders, our 6-month accelerator combines tactical programming, performance coaching, and funding to accelerate your dreams.

There is no “I” in team
But there is in Innovation

Discover your unique archetype, innovative mindset, and team cohesion dynamics to unlock your full potential.

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