February 19, 2024

Applications for Cohort 6 are Officially Open!

Have you ever wondered how a startup goes from an idea to a scalable, revenue-generating company? In just three years, ACT House has invested in 45 companies who have collectively developed 15 patents, created 170 jobs and raised over $12M in follow-on capital.

As part of this, we’ve helped a plant-based vegan chocolate company go from being an online retailer to selling products in over 36 Whole Food stores around the U.S. and helped an ed-tech startup that uses gaming to make math more accessible scale from 230k users to 1M users in just six months. We did this by being the friends and family round, investing $70k into these companies with 0% interest and 0% equity, and providing the tools and resources to help accelerate their innovations.

Today, we’re excited to announce we have officially opened up the application for Cohort 6 of the ACT House Accelerator.

Edna Martinson, co-founder of Boddle, introduces Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND., founder of Good Girl Chocolate

Here’s what that means for those interested in signing up:

About the experience:

We always say, the terms are friendly but the Accelerator is not. Imagine us as a tactical accelerator focused on team, product and market. In six months you’ll dig deep into the company you’re building and stretch yourself in new ways, growing as a person, a leader, and founder. During this process, you’ll have your ideas challenged and might even find yourself going in a completely new direction, and that’s okay too. The ACT Accelerator provides the ultimate space to move from founder to executive, grow your network and build in market.

About ACT House:

At ACT House, we are focused on providing the world common language to discuss, build, and invest in teams, and one BIG way we do this is through the ACT House Accelerator. Our accelerator focuses on not only developing your startup but also you as a human, and providing you the tools to discover and build your dream team in a way that sets you up for long-term, scalable success.

We also firmly believe that things have to change when it comes to the family and friends round for startups. Why? Because the current system isn’t working. Research shows the average family and friends round for Black and Latino founders is $30K, compared to $100K for their white male peers (Kauffman Report). We started the accelerator because we wanted to help close this equity gap at the earliest stage and even help founders build generational wealth. So far, our impact has been astonishing and it’s just the beginning.

As part of this news, we’re also sharing that we’re raising for Accelerator Fund 2, which will allow us to invest further in Black and Latino founders with favorable terms and expand our work in Greenwood and beyond.

Are you looking to build the next generation of companies? Apply now.

Applications are open until March 20th. We look forward to welcoming you into the ACT family!

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