September 12, 2022

ACT Accelerator: Demo Day II

So at this point, many of you have heard about us. Whether it was from our earlier days of being a co-living incubator where innovators lived in one house, for one year, to create one startup… now, being a powerhouse emergent accelerator for Black and Latino-led startups that has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, ABCNews, and Black Enterprise. We have more to share but this post is about our amazing Demo Day of Cohort II of our flagship ACT Accelerator “ACT Tulsa”.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to our live Demo Day in late August, we got you covered! Here’s a recap of ACT Tulsa Demo Day: Cohort II

Founders from ACT Tulsa Cohort II

When we first started ACT Tulsa back in 2020, our mission was to expand access for underestimated and overlooked founders. We traveled to 6 cities and hosted more than 6 in-person events in Tulsa to recruit this Cohort II class and we couldn’t be happier. Cohort I’s success continues to pave pathways for future cohorts, with 3 out of 9 companies returning capital to our evergreen fund just 1-month post-program, (view their Demo Day here). We look forward to Cohort II raising the bar for Black and Latino founders even higher.

Being a part of Tulsa’s ecosystem continues to be beneficial for our mission (see the stats from this past year below). Last demo day our team made a commitment to move our company to Tulsa and on this demo day, we were excited to announce our company, along with local partners, purchased a historic building, built just one year before 1921, in downtown Tulsa. We look forward to updating many of our plans as they progress towards a Spring 2023 opening.

ACT Accelerator Stats— A year of ACTivation

At the ACT Accelerator, our Cohort II Founders have been working nonstop from February to July to hit specific milestones, create MVPs, raise capital, build teams, and solidify key partnerships. From FemTech and CPG to SaaS and ArtTech, these companies are ready to show you what they’ve been working on in the last 6 months. View the full replay of Demo Day II below!

Watch ACT Tulsa Demo Day Here

ACT Tulsa — Demo Day Presentation (Cohort II)

Cohort II Companies

Boxtown | Consumer Goods | Jarran Davis

Jarran “JD” Davis — Boxtown

If you’re a contractor or DIYer, use Boxtown products to complete projects faster and with ease. Visit their website to get 10% off your first purchase!

Budget Collector | ArtTech | Ebonique Boyd and Anya Ellis

Ebonique Boyd — Budget Collecter

The fine art industry is notorious for its exclusivity, but it shouldn’t be. Budget Collector acts as your own personal art advisor to source art you love, while predicting their appreciation value. Download the app to start building your personal art collection 💰.

CLLCTVE | SaaS | Kelsey Davis

Kelsey Davis — CLLCTVE

Whether you’re a creator looking for new opportunities or a brand that needs new talent, join CLLCTVE’s waitlist to tap into the creative market.

Emfluencer / XCLUSV | SaaS | Leon Fowler

Leon Fowler — Emfluencer

For small businesses and member-based organizations, it can be tough to grow your clientele through the noise of social media. XCLUSV helps with that. Visit here learn more and to download the app.

King’s Way | Food & Beverage | Tiara and Jimere Parker

Jimere & Tiara Parker — King’s Way

When you taste King’s Way sauces, rubs and seasonings, you won’t believe that they’re gluten-free and made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. Follow them on Instagram to find out when their next pop-up is 🍗

ONYX | FemTech & CPG | Elle McCray and Jessica Trippedi

Elle McCray — ONYX

Nearly half of the world’s population menstruate, but why have products seen little to no innovation for decades? Insert: ONYX, a modern reproductive platform where they’re reemerging the period experience 🩸 Join ONYX’s waitlist to get exclusive access to innovative products that will help you live life limitlessly.

Trameter | Travel | Perewari Pere and Victoria Polk

Perewari Pere — Trameter

What if you could plan your trip in 45 seconds… for free? 🤯
Join Trameter’s waitlist to get early access to book personalized trips — from family vacations to friends’ birthdays — all within your budget.

Undelay | Aviation Tech | Safir Monroe and Ravin Mehra

As one of the largest data aggregators for aviation, Undelay is solving the incessant problem of flight delays and cancellations.

What is the ACT Accelerator?

The ACT Accelerator is a 6-month accelerator focused on expanding and investing in the innovation of Black and Latino Founders across the nation. Our flagship accelerator ACT Tulsa is a joint venture between ACT House and i2e with a strong contingent of LPs that support our non-equity fund.

Through an immersive program that utilizes game-changing capital our proprietary ACT Assessment tool, and tactical programming, ACT aims to bolster Black and Latino entrepreneurs and create innovative ecosystems, so we can rebuild what was lost.

By creating an innovative ecosystem that highlights team cohesion and collaboration, tactical product development, and market analysis, with personal development skills and professional growth lessons, this competitive program aims to create a lasting impact that transcends generations.

Learn more about the growing movement here.

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