November 6, 2023

ACT Accelerator Announces Cohort 5

Looking back at the incredible momentum that the companies who have gone through the ACT House Accelerator program in previous years have achieved, we’re so excited to announce Cohort 5!

ACT Accelerator Cohort 5

Today as part of this announcement, we’re celebrating the milestones in our community that inspire us to keep doing what we’re doing. Boddle Learning reached the 5M user milestone, with over 1M monthly active users, and Bootup reached $1M in revenue in just seven months — both companies were part of our first Cohort. From Cohort 3, Good Girl Chocolate launched their product into 35 Whole Foods stories, having premiered on QVC and returning for another opportunity this month, Infinity Careers was acquired by Stemuli, and Modi Increased conversions by over 25% for 20k+ users.

The founders in Cohort 5 embody the same values that have gotten these companies to where they are today — they think and act differently. They saw a problem and have been relentless in pursuing its solution. They’re building products and companies that will redefine industries like AI, digital health, fintech, edtech, and more. We’re grateful to be a part of their journey and so happy they’re here!

We reviewed 342 incredible applications and narrowed it down to these eight companies changing the game.

Allspring | Erin Rowe and Marcia Nuffer

Traditional continued learning opportunities are expensive for companies and disjointed for employees. Today, there is no way to connect learning to performance management outcomes, business goals, or work activities. Allspring is an AI learning platform that recommends personalized practice, feedback, and coaching to support the work employees are currently focused on. The AI-driven platform engages employees at the right time based on their calendar, performance, and learning goals, and provides real-time feedback.

Erin Rowe

Between | Asia Barnes and Sheereen Brown

Between is a platform that connects patients with same and next day GYN (gynecology) appointments. Around 50% of women in the US don’t have a gynecologist or primary care provider, so when they need to see a doctor urgently they often waste time and money trying to find the right provider. Between lets patients review and select the right provider to deliver the care they need in less than 60 seconds, and even transmits the data to the provider via a HIPAA compliant process.

Asia Barnes
Sheereen Brown

Kredit Academy | Evan Leaphart

There are currently over 90 million adult Americans that are considered credit challenged and 4 out of every 10 adults don’t know the factors that go into their credit score. Kredit Acadmy aims to solve the debt crisis through the gamification of learning about credit for kids under 12. The premise of the app is that the better a child performs their tasks the better their “Kredit” score. Think of missed chores like missed payments and the longer you’ve had a chore like the longer you’ve had a credit card. Recently, we expanded upon the journey to launch Kredit Academy, the first credit card for teens and up that places an emphasis on education over spend.

Evan Leaphart

Launch Ahead | Amnoni Myers

Launch Ahead aims to aid young people transitioning out of foster care using AI. It empowers them with personalized roadmaps, essential resources, and incentives, fostering success and stability in their journey towards self-sufficiency. The app also includes a case management dashboard for caseworker support, a secure portal for essential documents, a marketplace for businesses to connect with potential employees, and access to job training, housing, and educational resources, as well as an alumni community promoting wellness and stability.

Amnoni Myers

Rejuvenation | Anna Cobb

Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, Rejuvenation plant-based energy drinks invigorate the mind and body through intentional formation that deliver sustained energy without compromising on taste or quality. Conventional energy drinks are laden with artificial additives, excessive sugar, and synthetic stimulants. Rejuvenation aims to offer a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional energy drinks to provide vitality by sourcing the finest plant-based ingredients without all the additives.

Anna Cobb

SkinCheck | Julian Abhari and Daniel Marques

SkinCheck is a digital health startup committed to democratizing early skin cancer detection, providing a first-of-its-kind mobile screening tool powered by AI/ML and computer vision that works for people of all skin tones. With over 100,000 users worldwide, we help individuals detect skin cancer early and expedite their access to treatment by seamlessly connecting them to Tele-dermatologists and dermatology clinics while giving providers a tool to triage and enhance patient treatment.

Julian Abhari and Daniel Marques

Swella | Zanbria Asante and Brooke Hill

Swella is standardizing and automating the hair braiding experience in braid bars by integrating technology to deliver a premium salon experience. Over 13M Black women in America lack access to reliable braid services. Unlike other demographics with salon chains that provide efficient standard services (i.e., Supercuts, DryBar), Black women do not have this convenience. Swella allows braiders to build expertise and utilize technology to automate the monotonous tasks often involved in hair braiding. By decreasing the time spent on braiding and decreasing burnout for braiders, Swella helps create a more sustainable hair braiding experience.

Zanbria Asante
Brooke Hill

Titan Intake | Rachel Brown, Patrick Bruce, Jhonathan Vazquez

Titan streamlines continuity of care for patients from primary care providers to specialists and beyond, particularly for independent clinics who haven’t had a tool to do this previously. Their SaaS platform automates referrals for clinics, providing more efficiency for the clinics and patients.

Rachel Brown
Patrick Bruce
Jhonathan Vazquez

The first three months of the six month Accelerator happen in-person in Tulsa, with more than half of the founders in this cohort moving to the city from other parts of the country. Getting to know each founder as an individual and building real community is imperative to founder growth and the startup ecosystem in Tulsa. In fact, founders from other cohorts have moved here for the Accelerator program and stayed, or ended up headquartering their companies here. We know that the founders we work with are looking to build more than a company — they are working towards generational wealth so they can give back to their communities. We want to help them do that.

To date, 35 startups have gone through the ACT Accelerator, leaving with a cumulative $2.45M in funding and helping drive over $12M in follow-on capital. As a result, startups have launched 85 products and services and created hundreds of jobs.

ACT House

ACT House is a team discovery platform that leverages human analytics to help innovators design foundational teams and accelerate their startups. Currently headquartered in Tulsa, OK, ACT House throughout the years has partnered with companies like Microsoft, John Deere, NexCubed, and higher ed institutions to accelerate innovation ecosystems.

ACT Accelerator

ACT Accelerator is a joint venture between ACT House and i2E. ACT Accelerator’s investment partners include: Build in Tulsa, Biolchini Family Foundation, Coretz Family Foundation, Schusterman Family Philanthropies, Swank Family Foundation, and Vast Bank.

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