April 28, 2023

ACT Accelerator Announces Cohort 4

We are absolutely thrilled to finally announce the final list of Cohort 4 founders for our ACT Tulsa Accelerator!

These are the trailblazers who have battled against all odds, defied the status quo, and dared to dream big, despite facing obstacles that are built to challenge them in every way.

Out of a record-breaking number of 236 applicants, nine companies have been chosen 🦾

ACT Accelerator Cohort 4 Founders in Tulsa, OK
ACT Accelerator Cohort 4 founders, Tulsa, OK

Although this is our fourth cohort, no matter how much we think we know what to expect, we are always surprised (in the best way!). The flow and feel of each new group making their wave in Tulsa is something that we’ll never experience anywhere else.

This is not your average group of entrepreneurs. These are the rebels, the mavericks, and the visionaries who are changing the game and rewriting the rules. They are the ones who refuse to be defined by their circumstances or limited by their resources, and instead, are carving out their own paths to success 🌱

These are the founders who act different.

So, without further ado, here’s the final list of Cohort 4 Founders (listed alphabetically).

Ballin’ 🏀 | Nyla Pollard, Hans Brende, and Damilola Akinwale

The recruitment process for student-athletes is tedious and outdated, but Ballin’ is here to change that. Ballin’ is a sports social network and recruitment-focused platform for student-athletes to connect with college coaches. Beyond building up networks, Ballin’ will provide access to scholarships and opportunities and help students develop personalized athletic resumés.

Ballin’ Founders Hans Brende and Nyla Pollard
Hans Brende (left) and Nyla Pollard (right)

La Ruche Health ⛑️ | Rory Assandey and Benjamin Sasu

La Ruche Health is solving the global issue of limited access to healthcare by leveraging future-focused technology. Their digital health solution automates appointments and patient intake through WhatsApp and EMR that allows patients to immediately access their records securely. Using AI, instant messaging automation, chatbots, and web and mobile apps, they deliver complete B2B SaaS experience to help onboard, treat, and bill patients faster.

Rory Assandey

MusicStar AI 🎼 | Samuel Moreno

MusicStar AI is democratizing music creation by making the process and production accessible for everyone. Since the beta launch in early 2023, 21,500 users from over 200 countries/territories with no prior musical talent have created over 117,820 musical creations. Whether you want to tap into your creative side or make the next best hit, MusicStar AI will give you the tools to do just that.

Samuel Moreno

Opnbx AI 🔑 | George Suarez and Dylan Smith

What if you could write, edit, and customize sales emails in 30 seconds? Opnbx AI is redefining business communication by leveraging AI to discover LinkedIn insights and personalize messaging that your prospects actually enjoy reading. By eliminating writer’s block for sales reps, sellers have more freedom to focus on things that matter most, while buyers feel seen and understood in ways the average cold email could never do.

George Suarez
Dylan Smith

Palmplug 🔮 | Olaoluwa Adesanya, Kevin Shih, and Daniella Uchendu-Oji

The traditional path of learning follows visual and auditory cues, but Palmplug is tapping into an overlooked sensory approach. Originally birthed in a music classroom for visually-impaired students, Palmplug builds multi-sensory wearable technologies to unlock the creative potential of the human hand. Looking ahead, their technology will bolster the meta-verse experience by allowing users to freely interact in the virtual world.

Olaoluwa Adesanya
Daniella Uchendu-Oji

Pangia 🌍 | Kemi Levi, Hannah Clark, and Nassir Mohamud

During a time where fast friends and fleeting trends are normalized and rewarded, there’s still a missing piece where people underestimate the longing for deeper connection. These young founders are here to find that missing piece. Pangia is an AI-powered platform that geographically connects Gen-Z past surface-level traits. By building online communities and curating events based on personality types, interests, and values, they put users in the best position to make real friends in person.

Kemi Levi
Hannah Clark

ROBOAMP 🤖 | Roberto Inetti

ROBOAMP is a web performance optimization company that provides cutting-edge solutions to businesses of all sizes. With just one line of code, ROBOAMP solutions make website optimization accessible and affordable for everyone. Their advanced technology empowers companies to achieve unparalleled website speed and performance, leading to increased revenue and improved user experience.

Roberto Inetti

Sweet Fields 🧁 | Ms. Fields

Sweet Fields is elevating the global standard on sweet treats by paying homage to coveted family recipes and decadent flavors with a new-age twist. In an age where we feel pressured to choose between taste and health, Sweet Fields is reminding us that we don’t have to.

Ms. Fields

Wine Not 🍾 | Ashley Johnson

Wine Not is a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage that allows you to enjoy social and celebratory moments without sacrificing taste. Its flavor profile and ambiance resemble that of alcoholic sparkling wine, so you can have the “champagne,” without the pain. Our unique blend of flavors and adaptogens make Wine Not a delicious and functional product, cultivating an inclusive social experience for everyone.

Ashley Johnson

From coast to coast and even crossing international borders, these incredible founders have found their way to our accelerator program, and can’t wait to get started in the work.

So, join us in celebrating Cohort 4 and get ready to witness history in the making! Because with this group of underestimated founders, the possibilities are unprecedented.

ACT House

ACT House is the global platform for team formation and startup creation, by helping innovators find their Founder DNA, build teams, and accelerate their companies through accelerator programs. With offices in Tallahassee, FL, and now Tulsa, OK, through the years ACT House has partnered with companies like Microsoft, John Deere, NexCubed, and higher ed institutions to accelerate innovation ecosystems by transforming entrepreneurs.

ACT Tulsa

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